Board :Guide
Author :Marama
Subject :Subpath Descriptions
Date :2/17
You can learn about subpaths using your f1 key or you can get one of the subpaths scrolls in our library.  These are just a few that sent me descriptions.

Monk Subpath:
Only the most patient and humble make it within their walls. They strive to find the truth in all things veiled by deception and illusion. They believe the route to enlightenment and Nirvana lie in the Eightfold Path and meditation. Although they are peaceful, they are trained to fight and defend. The Wandering Monk can be purchased in any library for 1,000 coins.

Ranger Subpath:
What is a Ranger?  A ranger is many things, an aggressive defender of nature, and masters of archery, camouflage, tracking, trapping, foraging, security and cartography.  They are also protectors of the balance of nature and guardians of the wilderness.  A Ranger will defend his/her home at all costs and will take any steps necessary to protect the wilderness and nature's balance.  A Ranger is much more than a simple protector, but we will leave it up to you to discover what else they are.

Merchant Subpath:
  The Merchant path is dedicated to the betterment
    of its members, the community and the kingdom as
    a whole.  A Merchant's integrity and dedication is
  unmatched, and unwavering.  A Merchants has a
    deep love for expanding wealth, treasures, and an
  excitement only found by way of hunt.  Ultimately,
  success within the kingdoms depends on growing
  wealth, influence, and expertise, all of which can be
  accomplished within the Merchant path.

Geomancers are the way of neutrality. We study the art of Feng Shui,  the five elements, and karma in hopes of striving balance within ourselves and the realms.  We reside in the wilderness as observers of our surroundings and the never-ending cycles of life.

The diviners, for many centuries, in many cultures have been looked to in times of need.  Being trained in the divine arts, we are blessed with the gift of knowledge.  This knowledge serves us well in our day to day quest to learn.  Eternally curious, a diviner pushes him/herself deeper into life's mysteries trying to understand.  "Knowledge is Power. Truth is the Key. Knowledge and Truth lead to Enlightenment.

~ Masters of the Spirits. Someone who understands the spirit world as
    if it was their own. This has led many Shaman to turn to darkness
    and black magics, but other Shaman use their power and knowledge
     to heal, and cleanse the soul as well. The ones who turn to the
    darkness master the dead (or rather undead), dark magics, and call
    evil Spirits. The ones who embrace the light, do so in seclusion from
    others. They master the knowledge of healing the body and spirit
    without being corrupted by the dark secrets they hold.

Wilderness warriors that strive to protect and defend their home and each other at all costs.  These warriors are often seen as crude but inside each is an undying devotion to their kin and Nature.  Refusing to bow to any man or woman as if they are better than them they have forsaken the cities with vigor...  Held in high regard for their combat abilities, and known for raids and their wars.  Their cave can be found at ((27 , 17))  in the Wilderness...  Come drink with Genghis, and purchase one of the Barbarian Runes to better acquaint yourself with them..