Board :Guide
Author :Marama
Subject :Jail 
Date :11/16
Players convicted of violating a law (see Law board) are punished as follows:

1. Loss of karma proportional to the crime committed.  For example, attempting to kill a fellow player reduces karma more than using profanity.  (Members of the monk subpath have the unique ability to restore good standing to players with negative karma.)

2. Fine proportional to the amount of times one has been Jailed.  100k per time being Jailed.  100k first arrest, 200k second arrest...

3. Carange banishment, differenciates for every Jailing.  Time for banishment is noted in your status screen when you arrive in jail.

4. Being banned from the Market occured when one is jailed.

5. Red Legend mark that shows the crime that was committed.   In general, subpaths and clans will reject applicants who have been convicted of serious crimes.  (Members of the Chongun subpath have the unique ability to cleanse legends of these marks).

6. Jail time.  While in jail, nmail may not be sent, boards cannot be posted to, and whispering is not allowed.  Depending upon the severity of the crime, between 2 and 6 jail sentences will be awarded to the criminal.  The criminal remains in jail until all sentences have been carried out.
  In the jail is the Jail Keeper, who appears as a rock.  Criminals click on the Jail Keeper, answer a couple simple questions.  This procedure must be repeated approximately 60 times for one sentence to be reduced.  If even one question is answered incorrectly, the criminal must start over working on that sentence.
  It requires approximately 20-30 minutes for the average criminal to complete one sentence.  Following completion of the last sentence, the Jail Keeper will cast an Arrest spell on the criminal.  By clicking on the Jail Keeper one more time, the criminal is set free.

Law are clearly posted on the Law board.  If you dislike the penalties for committing a crime, then simply abide by the Laws of the Nexus.  These Laws are intended to provide a reasonably family-friendly environment for all citizens of the Nexus.  In general, they simply involve treating fellow players with courtesy and respect.

Players who refuse to learn from their mistakes will quickly find themselves banished from the kingdoms, and if they should continue to break laws, will find themselves banished from Nexus.

Crime does NOT pay!