Board :Guide
Author :Marama
Subject :Bail
Date :12/8
The new "Bail" function has been implamented in the game.  Before one can start their sentences in jail they must pay the bail set on them by how many jailings they have had.  The first jailing is 100k.  The second jailing is 200k, ect.  If the subject in jail does not have the money on them to pay the bail then a friend can post bail for them.

Inorder for a friend to post bail they must go to a Justice NPC.  The Justice NPC's are located at:

         Buya: 12,48
         Kugnae: 153,159
         Nagnang: 88,30

When one has reached a Justice NPC and would like to post bail they say "Pay fine for my scum friend" and follow the NPC's directions.

Archon of Justice