Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Death
Date :9/15
 As Nexus so eloquently puts it, 'Death is not the end.'  You will die many times in this game.  Death has its penalties, but it is not a crippling setback.  When you die, a few things will happen.

  The first is that you will lose some experience.  The amount of 'xp' lost is as follows: you will lose 2% of the amount of experience you need to advance to the next level.  In most cases, this will be but a minor setback.  Getting the 2% back is typically a simple task.

  However, when you die, you will also drop most of your items.  There are exceptions to this.  If you have multiple items in one slot, one item will be left.  This is so that, when you pick your items back up, the multiple items will still be located in the same slot.  This eliminates the need to rearrange everything after every death (though you will have to rearrange certain things).  There are also certain items that are bonded to you beyond death.  These stay with you for all time, unless you willingly drop them or hand them away (or they break from lack of repairs).  Examples of items that bond to you are 'Military fork', 'Bekyun's spear', 'Titanium glove', 'Whisper bracelet', 'Holy ring', and 'Sen glove'.  Currently, all armor and helmets will always drop.  There are also a few 'unique' items around.  These generally will also not drop when you die.  Unfortunately, there are also several items which are special in the sense that they will automatically be destroyed whenever you die.  These are mainly the high-end 'Ogre' weapons, but there are other examples as well.  In general, most of the lower end weapons you will use for your first 50 levels or so will drop when you die, but not automatically break.

 NOTE: There is a chance that an item will break.  This will normally not be a weapon, armor, or helm, but it can happen.

  Once you die and have dropped your items, the items are no longer officially yours.  This means that people may take your items.  As a ghost, you can block them from getting to your items by standing on them.  However, a rogue can still take these items through his or her 'Filch' spell.  Most players frown on robbing the dead, as do the Archons and Constables.  It is rare that a player will steal from your corpse, but it is technically legal.  If you are in a group, you can have your friends guard your 'death pile' for you until you return.  Remember to use the Get All pickup command (<SHIFT + ,>) to pick up your entire 'death pile' at once.  As an alternative option, let them pick up your items and HAND them to your ghost (using the hand <h> command).  Your ghost can then carry the items without fear of losing them.

  Once you are dead, you have two options.  The more reliable, and sometimes only, method available to players is to go to one of the town shamans.  These shamans are NPC's (computer characters), that will Resurrect ('rez') you if you are a ghost.  There are two shamans each in Kugnae and Buya.  Each town has a shaman at its east and west side.  To prevent long walks to the shaman each time you die, the 'Silver Thread' spell may be learned by ALL paths at level 5.  This spell will instantly transport your ghost form to a shaman for resurrection.  You will, however, have to walk back to retrieve your items.  If you are lucky to have a level 99 poet in your part, or one happens to be nearby, he or she may cast a Resurrect spell on you.  This is the same as travelling to a shaman, without the travelling.  All level 99 poets can learn the Resurrect spell.

  If you were fighting a creature that is not too tough and your connection becomes unstable there is a chance you will be saved by your guardian spirit.  If this happens, you will be transported to a mystical realm just a moment before your demise.  You will have suffered no penalties, and will still have all of your items.  By clicking on your guardian spirit (the porcupine creature), you will be allowed either to return to the area you previously were in, or to return to a tavern in town.

Author: Elana