Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Town I
Date :9/15
      (<F1> and <Finding Places> lists locations)

Ironheart's Hut-This is where each player begins when entering Nexus for the first time.  Ironheart is a wise old warrior.  He will give you beginning advice, as well as send you on a number of quests.  Players should check back with Ironheart every now and then to see if he has any new adventures to send you on.

 Peasant Help Center- A recent innovation in Kugnae, the Peasant help center is a place where all beginning characters may go if they are in need of assistance.  Mid-level and veteran players alike frequent this hut, and are willing to spend some time with players giving them battle tactics and advice.  Because many players visit the center often, this is also a good place to find a hunting partner.

 Blacksmith- The blacksmith sells a great variety of armors, helms, and weapons.  His selection of weapons is a good choice for any beginning adventurer.  His armors are mainly for warriors and rogues, however everyone can use the helms he sells.  His main service is the repairing of weapons and armors.  As you fight in battle, the items you wear will slowly deteriorate.  You should make it a habit to repair your items after every few successful adventures.  Remember that you must remove your gear before the blacksmith can repair it.  You can select 'Fix Item' and choose which item you want fixed, of select 'Fix all items' which will attempt to fix everything in your inventory.  There is a fee for repairing items.  The more valuable and damaged an item is, the more it will cost to repair it.

 Butcher- The butcher buys and sells a wide variety of foods.  You will find players buying meats when they are needed for their healing powers.  More often, however, players go to the butcher to sell their hard-earned pelts, meats, and other treasures.  Generally, the more expensive an item sells/buys for, the greater its healing potential (and also the harder it is to get as treasure).  One important exception to this is acorns.  Although they are not very useful at healing adventurers, they are very easy to come by AND they sell for a good price.  Many low-level players can make a great deal of money by killing squirrels and selling all of the acorns they acquire.

 Inn- The inn is a place where adventurers can swap war stories, exchange treasure, or just sit back and relax.  You are magically transported to a inn whenever you use the Return spell or a Yellow scroll.   The inns have a few important services that all players should be aware of.  In most inns there are two NPC's.  One of the NPC's will give useful advice.  He can also magically whisk you to the opposite town for a small fee.  The other NPC has several important functions.  She sells many useful items, including the Yellow scroll and Root liquor (which is a useful mana restorer).  She will also allow you to deposit and withdraw both money and items.  Deposited items and gold are not dropped when you are killed in battle.  All of the inns are magically connected, so if you deposit an item at one, you can withdraw it at any inn.  Depositing your items is always a good idea.  Veterans will tell you that they normally only carry around what they need for battle, and deposit everything else.  There is a fee to withdraw items, which is dependent upon the item's value.

 Seamster/Seamstress- The seamster and seamstress sell armors for the rogue, mage, and poet.  You, of course, should go to the seamster if you are male or seamstress if you are female.  These two shopkeepers also sell the Green cloak and Wedding dress, respectively, which are nice items to wear if you are going to get married.

 Shaman's Huts- On each end of town stands a Shaman hut.  Within is an elderly lady who will resurrect you from the dead.  Simply click on her as a ghost and answer her questions.  Beginning players will have to walk here if they die, but most players will be able to use the spell Silver thread to be magically transported to the Shaman hut.

Author: Elana