Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Town II
Date :9/15
    (Press <F1> and <Finding Places> for locations)

Arena- A consensual player-killer area, the arena is where adventurers go to let off steam or engage friends in mock combat.  You can be killed by other players within the arena, but do not worry; there is no loss of items or experience.  There is an NPC in the lobby of the Arena, which will color your clothing or armor a particular shade.  This is useful in setting up teams for arena battles.  The arenas themselves are divided by level.  From within the lobby, you will see four doorways to the north of you.  These are the main arena battlegrounds.  The leftmost doorway is for levels 56-99, the doorway to the right of that is for levels 6-55, and the rightmost doorway is a training ground for levels 1-35.  The third doorway from the left contains an NPC, which will resurrect you.  This is a quick way to get back into battle after an arena death.  The four large doorways at the bottom left of the arena lobby are reserved for Carnage use.  Carnage is a Nexus-sponsored event that is essentially a massive Arena battle.  All players, within the level brackets for that carnage, are invited to participate.  Winners will be able to select from a variety of hard-to-find items.  You may also notice a few treasure chests within the Arena lobby.  It is said that whoever has the key to these will receive a grand treasure.

 Palace- The Palace is the centerpiece of each town.  During normal gameplay, it has no true role, except perhaps as a meeting place.  The palace is often used during special events and quests.

 Jail House- When a player is naughty and misbehaves often, a Magistrate or Archon may send that player to the jail. A player must wait out his or her sentence in the jail, and cannot do anything else in the meantime.  

 Wedding Chapel- When two adventurers truly enjoy each others company, they may decide to get married.  Marriage within Nexus is quite commonplace, and you will often see cute couples roaming around on their honeymoon.  The only requirement for marriage is that both players must be over level 20.  To marry the bride and groom must both be in the wedding chapel.  The bride begins the ceremony by clicking on the priestess (not the priest).  Once wed, a couple obtains a love ring.  This ring allows the bride or groom to instantly transport his or her partner's side.  This will work even in some holy areas where the 'summon' and 'approach' spells will not.  There are a few areas that the magic of the love band cannot penetrate.  Examples of this are the Vale, Library, and Arenas.  If things don't work out, a married couple can always divorce, but with a steep penalty, the loss of ten million experience points.

 Messenger- The messenger offers many features to the adventurer.  The NPC within stocks many useful items such as paper, which can be written upon.  You can deliver a letter, which allows you to write a message on a paper, and then have it sent automatically to someone within the kingdom.  That player does not have to be online at the time the letter is sent; it will be waiting for the adventurer when he or she next logs onto Nexus.  Another useful feature is the 'Send parcel' service: this allows you to send an item to any player within the kingdom.  This works exactly like sending a letter; the item you send will be waiting for the player the next time they arrive in the Nexus.  The fee for sending an item is based on its true value.
Ring Shop- This is one of the two types of magic shops you will find in town.  This shop stocks potions, magical spell ingredients, and magic rings.  The rings have very different properties; with some experimenting, you will find which rings are best for your character.

 Alchemist Shop- This is the other magic shop in town.  It too stocks some potions, but is mainly geared towards restorative liquors and pipes.  The Herb pipe it sells is the greatest mana restoration device in the game and is a necessary item for most players.

Author: Elana