Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Guild
Date :9/15
 All of the guilds work similarly, and will therefore be discussed as one.  The next chapter will discuss the various paths in depth.  

  Each guild contains a lobby and a secondary room or alcove that houses the guild master.  The guild master is whom you must speak to when you wish to dedicate yourself to one of the four paths.  He is also the one who will teach you the various spells.

  All players are initially pathless when they begin Nexus.  You must advance through five levels before you may dedicate yourself to a path.  Once you have reached level 5, you can gain no more experience (and therefore gain no more levels), until you choose a path.  To do this, proceed to the guild of your choice, and click on the guild master within.  He will allow you to 'Choose your path'.  The fee for dedication is the same regardless of which guild you choose: fifty acorns.  You may want to gather these beforehand to save time.

  Once you have dedicated yourself, you may once again gain experience and levels.  You can also now begin to learn the spells for your class.  To learn a spell, click on the guild master, then select 'Learn a spell'.  A list of all spells currently available to you will appear.  If you double click on one of these, a short description of the spell will appear.  Following this will be a list of spell ingredients, which are needed before the spell can be learned.  For example, the spell Appraise requires 10 acorns and 10 rabbit meat to learn.  

 Once learned a spell is never forgotten, unless you need to make room in your spell list.  Recall from an earlier chapter that each player can have a maximum of 26 spells (in slot a-z).  If you already know 26 spells and want to know another, you must forget one of your existing spells.  To forget a spell, click on the guild master and choose 'Forget a spell', then pick one of your spells from the list.

 The final option you should be aware of is 'Divine secret'.  What this does is give you a list of spells you can learn within the next five levels.  It will tell you at exactly which level you can learn the spell, and what ingredients you need.  This is helpful if you wish to gather the ingredients ahead of time.

 You now know practically everything there is about the towns and guilds.  The next chapter will give advice for each path, as well as take each path on a small walkthrough for the first 50 levels.

Author: Elana