Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Warrior
Date :9/15

  The warrior is a power player.  He gets the most hit points of any Path, yet the fewest mana points.  A level 98 Mage has approximately the same amount of hit points as a level 40 Warrior.  A warrior prefers to get close to an enemy so that he can do maximum damage to it.  He also prefers to be surrounded so that he may damage them all at once.  A warrior is, by necessity, a team player.  With his severe lack of healing ability, a warrior must rely upon mages or poets to keep him healthy and strong.


  (More hit points than any other class for the same level.  Strength is increased rapidly allowing heavier weapons to be used.

  (The Warrior excels at doing damage to multiple opponents at once.  Only the mage can approach the same level of damage to multiple enemies.  The mage must rely upon mana however whereas the warrior simply must swing his/her weapon.

  (The Berzerk (level 80) and Whirlwind (level 99) spells are the most devastating attacks in the game.  They do an enormous amount of damage to a single foe and can be used repeatedly.

  (The warrior can shrug off lesser attacks with his superior armor and hit points, allowing him to hunt by himself in the easier caves.


  (The warrior gets fewer spells than any other Path.  Even worse, almost all of the spells are related to increasing damage.
 (The warrior has no true healing spell; he must therefore rely upon a mage or poet to survive in the more difficult areas.

  (The warrior is the only class that never gets the Return, Approach, or Summon spells.  This means he must rely upon Yellow scrolls to return to town.

  (The warrior has no ability to manipulate his environment except by killing his enemy.  A rogue can ambush around an enemy, a mage can paralyze or blind an enemy and a poet can summon creatures to distract an enemy.    The warrior must kill an enemy he might wish to bypass if it is blocking his way.


  The warrior is a powerful character, but should be played by an experienced adventurer to get the most out of it.  Because of his few spells, the need to group (especially in the earlier levels), and moderate xp/level requirements, the warrior is not the easiest choice for a beginning player.  Those who enjoy a slight challenge, or do not mind learning the game from an initially hard-to-play character, will have a great deal of fun with the warrior and will enjoy his fighting power.

Author: Elana