Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Rogue
Date :9/15
The Rogue


  The Nexus rogue is a jack-of-all-trades type character.  She combines some of the hitting power of a warrior with the ranged abilities of a mage.  Of course, she is not as good at either as the more specialized warrior or mage.  The rogue gets a lot of spells, and many of them are a great deal of fun to use.  With her ability to dodge (or ambush) around any enemy, the rogue is a great treasure hunter, as she can run through caves at great speed without having to stop to kill all in her Path.


  (The rogue obtains many spells that allow her to transform into a variety of animals and creatures.  Creatures encountered within a cave will not attack a cousin unless they are first attacked, allowing the rogue to choose her attacks safely.

  (The rogue gets a moderate healing spell midway through her levels which allows her to be independent and not completely reliant on mages or poets for heals.  The rogue also gets a powerful distance attack spell.

  (The rogue is the first character to get a mass-damage attack (Desperate attack at level 50).  This spell allows a rogue to gain experience faster.

  (With their invisibility, filch, and ambush spells, the rogue is an excellent choice for player-vs.-player combat (such as Carnage).  The rogue is also a natural choice for hunting boss creatures solo.


  (Rogues can only attack one creature at a time, as opposed to the mage and warrior, which may do damage to four.

  (The Desperate Attack (or Ka, as it is known in the game) has a serious drawback.  It consumes all mana with each use, making its continued use costly and difficult.  This contrasts with a warrior's Berserk, which can be used repeatedly (and more often as a warrior's mana increases).
 (In the later levels, finding a hunting partner may be difficult, as poets and mages will prefer the warrior's power to you own.


  The rogue excels at one-to-one combat, and is also given a wide variety of useful spells.  This includes a marginally competent healing spell and an effective ranged damage spell.  The ability to transform into almost any animal means the rogue can avoid conflict if she chooses to do so.  The rogue has several other spells at her disposal, which enable her to avoid a battle.  Because of her ability to hunt well by herself or in a group, as well as her ability to fight up close, or from a distance, the rogue is an extremely accessible character for the novice.  This is the easiest character to begin the game with, and is an excellent choice for feeling out the many game systems.  Later on, if you are disappointed with the rogue's power in the middle to later levels, you can always choose a new Path based on the aspects of the rogue you liked best.

Author: Elana