Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Quests
Date :9/15
The Journey Begins

 In order for you to enjoy the game without revealing it's secrets all that will be provided will be places you can go to.  Seeking adventure and solving mystery is what makes a game more fun.  To learn a secret before you can experience it is to deny yourself.  See if you can find these places of mystery and intrigue.  If you need assistance ask the local people of the land.  Part of the adventure is to interact with its inhabitants.

 The Dying Dragon King
 In a path by the north gate is a beach.  In this beach is a giant turtle that can help him seek the herb he needs to save his liege, the dragon king.   A keen wit plays a big role in this adventure.  Do you have what it takes to help the dragon king?

 Lair of the White Giant Snake
 Deep in the cave of rats is a place, which lives the giant white snake.  It is said the meat of this snake is worth a lot of coins due to its rarity.  But, many travelers who seek this behemoth find their doom.  Reaching the snakes is also a puzzle itself.  Along the way rumors are heard of a cave inhabited only by squirrels can these rumors be true?

 Nine-Tailed Fox
 In the cave of the foxes, lives the master of the lair: the legendary nine-tailed fox.  To reach this elusive fellow you must brave yourself through droves of foxes that seek only to protect its master.  You will come across many different foxes, even those who blaze in fire's fury.  Till finally, you reach the master of the lair.  Do not be fooled, this fox is runs like the wind and strikes like lightning.  What treasure does the fox leave?

 The Sacred Tiger
 Inside the Bear Cave inhabits a lone tiger.  The only one of it's kind.  Thus it's skin is worth plenty to those who seek it.  But, to reach there one must invade the inhabitants of the cave and the do not take kindly to strangers.  You must through bats, bears, foxes, and tigers in order to meet this rare creature.  Are you brave enough to do so?
 Forbidden Lore
 By the palace of the king, a mysterious library has been unearthed.  Rumors are rampant of riches and monsters.  It is also said that there is a master to this library.  Are you able to reach this master to see if the rumors are true?  Or will you make the library your last adventure?

 King of the Rats
 A legend is told about seven keys that will unlock fantastic treasure.  But, you only wish to find one of these keys.  So you and a group venture out to the furthest reaches of the kingdom and enter the cave of the Rat King.  Killing the rats will be a challenge for they keep multiplying.  To make it worse no one seems to know the way to the rat king.  You hear many stories of people getting trapped in these caves till they die from the exhaustion of fighting of the rats.  Will you be able to lay claim to one of the legendary keys?
 There are many more adventures that await you.  But, that is for you to discover on your own.  Knowledge is the greatest prize one can receive from an adventure.  Good luck in your travels.
Author: Genji