Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Archon's Welcome
Date :9/15
                  Welcome to the Kingdom

 If this is your first on-line role playing game you are in for a treat. Here you will meet people from around the world that wish to share your experiences and grow with you as a character in ancient Korea. The first towns of two kingdoms have been established based upon the lucrative trade of exquisite ceramics unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The Han Empire is to the south-west. To the north is the Sonhi, a loose confederation of nomad tribes. Far to the East in the vast Pacific lies a continent of dark mystery. You will begin your saga as a citizen of the town founded by the good King Yuri. Advanced in years, he relies heavily upon his second son, Prince M'Hul, to oppose any threats against the kingdom.

 Your new character begins as level one and advances to level five before being required to select a path for further growth. There are four Paths, which all novice peasants must choose from. Once you pick a path, you can never switch from that path to another. Peasant weapons and armors can be used by any path but cannot be wielded or worn until certain level or strength requirements are met. Wealth is fairly easily obtained by selling acorns dropped by squirrels upon killing them. By completing quests obtained from the tutor, you can gain weapons, armor, and rings not sold by any shopkeeper.
The Kingdom is a family adventure game and honor is as important as your level. Upon death, all worn and carried items fall to the ground. Despite an active judicial system with many constables, it is common for thieves to take dead piles every day. Do not allow this or internet lag make you lose your temper. Angry words can forever ruin your chances to obtain role-playing, specialization, constable, or Archon positions. Never give your password or allow your character to be played by another person. Never impersonate any position of power within the game. Ignorance of the Code of Honor is no excuse to keep you from being found guilty. Be particularly wary of any situation in which you may be accused of stealing the kills of another hunter. If in doubt, ask if it is alright to attack a monster near another person. The rules pertaining to who has this right are highly developed and not readily apparent in many complex situations involving several hunters. Remember the effects of going to jail even once are devastating to your future in the Kingdom. Unfortunately, some highly skillful confidence artists can be found in any large population. These people are well practiced at legalisms necessary to divert the attention away from their own crimes by blaming another for provocation or even outright lies of collusion. Horrible things may be said to you when nobody else can hear yet their accomplices may testify against you and often the proof depends upon a witness. For this reason, try to stay near friends if strangers are near. The larger the group nearby, the better for the new players. Hunting in groups also gains more experience for everyone. Beware of the tactic of clicking upon your exchange screen by persons wishing to see you get killed by monsters so they can steal your dead pile. Turn your exchange off when hunting. If you die, don't assume you are alone. Invisible high level rogues can move next to you and take the items from beneath your feet. If in doubt, begin clicking the cursor everywhere around your ghost to reveal any invisible culprits. Remember you need a witness and if the thief denies all you might be convicted of false accusation.

Author: Archon Hroth