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Date :9/15
[1. Be considerate to your real-life audience:  all ages, both genders, all races, from several nations.  All <CAPS> messages or several exclamation marks in a message are not respectful posts.

2. Off-topic posts are disrepectful to everyone reading that board.

-Dream Weaver]

Board Topics

Mailbox: This is your N-mail mailbox. Nmail from people will end up in this mailbox.

Guide: This board lists a set of guidelines that you must follow when playing NexusTK. Breaching these rules has very bad consequences.

Dream Weaver: This board lists update posts from Nexon staff. If you wish to know up-to-date information about weekly events, etc. , then visit this board.

Dreams: If you have a suggestion for making NexusTK a better place, then post it on this board.

Bugs: If you have witnessed a bug, or fallen victim to one, then post the bug problem on this board, and Thoth, the God of Wisdom (technical helper) will try to help you. (Follow the guidelines on posting a bug, found on the 'Guide' board)

Community: Any controversy you think the kingdom should know about? Let the kingdom know on this board.

Market: Something you wish to buy or sell? Post your requests on this board, and they will be answered before you know it.

Poetry: Do you wish to view poetry? Or is it your wish that everyone reads your poetry? If you want to read poetry, then look at this board. If you want people to read your poetry, then submit your poems to the Poetry moderator (posted on this board) and if he judges it worthy, he will post it for the kingdom to see.

Justice: Has someone committed a crime upon you? Or have you witnessed a crime? If so, then post the details on this board. (Be sure to follow the guidelines for posting on the Justice board, found on the 'Guide' board)

Scum: Criminal scum who have been caught in their acts, and have paid the penalty, are listed on this board. You do not want to end up on this board, the penalties are very harsh.

Novice Forum: The Novice Forum can only be viewed by levels 1 - 10, and is for asking questions direct to Nexon staff, and Archons. This is the sole purpose of this board, and any other posts aren't tolerated by Nexon.

Clan Boards: If you are in a clan, then your clan board will appear here. Read posts from the Primogen to see the rules for that particular board.

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