Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Music
Date :9/15
       (Press <F10> for Options Menu and Music)

Your Music The last item is a jukebox type control panel that will allow you to select from a wide variety of music provided with the game client.  You can select various themes from the pull down menu, and experiment with them by hitting the 'Play' button.

Advanced: Customize your Music

 Create a 'midi' directory in your TK directory. Copy your favorite midi files to this directory.

 1. From your Desktop open these directories in order
   My Computer
       Program Files

 2. Create a New Folder. Name it 'Midi'.

 3. Copy your favorite midi file names to this new
C:/Program Files/Nexon/NextAeon/Midi/

 4. Enter TK. Continue any of your characters.

 5. Press F10.

 6. Click on the Drop-Down window for song selections.  
   Choose the song to customize.

 7. Type in the full filename (with .mid extension).

 For example

 8. Press Play