Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Keyboard Command
Date :9/15
Basic Actions

Key       Action       Description

 F1        Help         Interactive help

 arrows    Move  
 '         Speak        Speak to those around you
 Shift '   Whisper      Whisper to someone
 Shift ;   Emotion      Express an emotion
 ;         Look  
 ,<comma>  Pick up      Pick up an item  
a         Attack       or press Space
 u         Use          Equip, eat, read/write
 i         Inventory    See what you're carrying
 o         Open         Open or close a door
 h         Hand         Give an item to somebody
 s         Status       Examine yourself  
Shift t   Take off     Take off something

Advanced Actions

Key       Action       Description

 Shift ,   Pick up all  Pick up everything
 !         Shout        Shout to everyone in the Kingdom  
+         Spells       List your magic spells
 c         Change order Move your belongings around
 g         Group        Form a group with someone
 p         Post         Post on a local board
 r         Ride         Ride a horse
 t         Throw        Throw something
 x         Examine      Examine something you possess
 Shift c   Change magic Reorder your spell list
 Shift d   Drop all     Drop all of one item
 Shift g   Group status Change whether you want to join a  
 Shift h   Hand all     Give all of one object
 Shift z   Zap          Cast a spell
 1...0     Fast Magic   Instant spell cast
 Alt 1...0 Fast Speech  Speech macro
 ShiftPgUp Remember     Look back through your
 F4        Realm-center Adjust your world view
 F5        Whisper      Ignore or listen to all whispers
 F7,F8     Volume       Adjust sound volume
 F9        Ignore       Ignore a specific person
 F10       Options      Change several options
 F11       Spell macro  Invoke your spell macro's memory
F12       Fast walk    Turn on/off fast walk
Ctrl w    Sense heroes Who is in the Kingdom
 Shift q   Leave        Leave the Kingdom