Board :Guide
Author :Orb
Subject :Experience Pts.
Date :9/17
Increasing Experience Points

Group:  When grouping the total ammount of experience points received is increased by around 20-30%.

Poets gain experience for healing by grouping with their companions.  A poet increases the group experience by 30%!  This reflects the fact that a poet is healing the party.  

Mentoring:  Any class, can gain experience for mentoring other players.  When a person reaches level 5 they are given the question of who has helped him the most.  After replying, that person is sent a parchment.  The guildmaster remembers this act of kindness.  When the player reaches level 15 the guildmaster sends his gratitude, which boosts your experience points when you receive it.

Mythic Animal:  Once during a TK day ((every 3 real-hours)) a bonus of 5% is felt, and 5% more for the group if you are grouped at your mythic animal's time of power.  Since there are 4 different animals, players can group with other players of differing animals to experience the bonus at noon, dusk, midnight, and dawn ((every 45 minutes in real-time)) for the entire group.