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Author :Orb
Subject :Register
Date :9/23
                Unlimited Play per Month

You can be playing for the equivalent of $0.25 (US) a day (when you register one character for six months).  You can do it right now.

1) Write down this web address.
  Enter it into your     
  web browser address bar.

2) Click on <Patron> on the left menu.

3) Click <New Account> and click the <Enter> button.

4) You can register instantly online with a credit card, or  
   offline by fax, telephone, or snail mail.

5) You can register for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months,
  with more savings for longer terms.

6) You can register one character or four characters to  
  your account.  Four characters is a great savings,
  though only one character can be played at the same


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