Board :Guide
Author :RabSha
Subject :Subpaths
Date :2/5
You can only be in one subpath at a time, either an NPC subpath (Ju Jak, Baekho, Chung Ryung or Hyun Moo) or a player run supbath (Do, Spy, Muse, Geomancer, etc.).  You can leave an NPC subpath to join a player run subpath or vice versa, but you will loose karma and the spells you learned from that subpath.  

The dogs that give spells are not part of the subpaths. If you want to learn spells from the dogs you can still join an NPC subpath, but you will need to cleanse yourself from the dog if you want to join a player run subpath.

The dog linquist title is for a quest. It is not part of the subpaths. You can be in an NPC subpath or a player run subpath and still be a dog linquist.