Board :Guide
Author :Shajara
Subject :Board review
Date :2/1
We have several boards available for you to read, write on and enjoy.  Below you will find the board you can have access to by using the B key on your keyboard.

1.  Mail board:  This is where you receive mail from fellow players and  
     your can reply to mail you receive.

2.  Laws:  this board is where you will find the laws of our lands.  Make  
    sure you read this board before starting game play and at regular  
    intervals to ensure you are aware of all current laws. Not knowing the  
    laws of the land is not an excuse.

3.  Guide board:  You will find helpful information such as        
      seeking assistance, who to contact if you are having an in  
     game problem, etc

4.  Dream Weaver board.  This board is where our Dream Wevers post  
    information concerning upgrades, Nexus events.  Check it often.

5..  Community board:  This board is where players post things of
      interest relating to game play.

6.   Buy & Sell boards:  This is where you can post items you are selling
      or trying to buy.

7.  Hunting board:  This board is where players post seeking hunts with  
    other players.  

8.  Community Events board:  This board is where players post if they
     are having a community event.  Such as trivia, poetry contest,
     portrait contest, etc.

9.  Story Contest board:  Nexus holds a story contest for the player's.  
     Players can post their story.  Winning story receives a nexus brand,
      karma and a permanent post of the story on the "Tales of the      
      People"  board located in the Library.

10. Revels board:  Revels run by the Muse subpath holds a weekly  
      poetry contest for players.  Winners are posted on this board along
       with the information how to enter the contest.

11. Dreams board:  This board is ware players post ideas, suggestions,
       things they would like to see implemented into the game.

12. Scum board:  This board is where you will find names of players who  
      have committed crimes against fellow players.

Author: Marama