Board :Guide
Author :Shajara
Subject :Elixir War Guide (2)
Date :5/14


11) Remove your weapon and shield as soon as you enter the Elixir Hall.  Weapons and shields will remain unequipped throughout the Entire Elixir War.  If you bring a horse into the Elixir Hall, then kill it immediately upon entering the hall.

12) As soon as you enter the battlefield, equip your bow and do not remove it until you are no longer on the battlefield.

13) ALL carnage laws and kingdom laws will be abided while participating in an Elixir War.

14) If you win the Elixir War, then you MUST click MONTY on the Battlefield to claim your prize and legend mark.  If you walk out the door or click the NPC on the Sidelines, then you can NOT re-claim your prize and legend mark.

15) Do NOT Throw, Hand, or Toss ANY Elixir Items.  Do NOT Drop any Elixir Items. Elixir Items include Elixir Bow, Red potion, Blue potion, Red's sheath, Blue's sheath, and Elixir Trophy.

16) You do NOT have to shout what team you are on.  The Hosts will either look or whisper you asking your color.  If you shout that you are on a team that is not your real team (While holding the Elixir trophy), then you will be banned.  No questions asked.  (This will be treated just like a false start/stop/win.)  If a Host asks your color and you tell the host a color that is not your own, then you will be booted.  The telling of wrong colors will NOT be tolerated.

17) If the player with the trophy shouts saying that he is on the opposing team, then he will be banned and the round will be given to the correct color.  The Hosts know what color everyone is on.  

18.) Never shout that you have the trophy, unless you in fact have the Elixir Trophy.  This is a Carnage Rule that is often confused.  An example is "has the trophy" because when shouted it looks like "Mikalyn! has the trophy" in the conversation box.  This is illegal because it looks almost identical to the Shout that the NPC says when someone wins the Elixir War.  The punishment for shouting a False Win is a Ban.

     -Head Elixir Host

(Last Updated: May 10, 2003 at 3pm EST)
(Compiled from Rashidi's first Elixir War Guide.)