Board :Guide
Author :Thoth
Subject :Password Security
Date :10/9

1) Create a password that no one will guess.  I recommend using letters and numbers.

 2) Never show any password or tell it to any one.  That also means, never let another person play your character.

 3) Nexon staff will _never_ ask you for your character password.  No member of Nexon staff will ask you for your character password at _any_ time in TK, or through e-mail.  Nexon staff will only ask for a patron password from an e-mail address ending with ''

 4) If you're a patron and forget it, you can have a new password sent to you from your patron services page: Click <Patron>

 5) Do not download a program from a person you do not trust.  Most any program is available from a legitimate software directory or software vendor.  

 6) Do not give your e-mail address or write e-mail to someone that you do not trust.

 7) Nexon does not provide PC security or password security services.  The player is responsible for the security of his/her password and responsible for the results of a password breach.  Nexon does not restore anything lost from another person accessing your character.