Board :Guide
Author :elvira
Subject :Roleplaying
Date :9/1
The Kingdom of the Winds is a role-playing game.  What this means is that all characters within the kingdom should role-play a persona living in Ancient Korea.

How can I role-play?

Role-playing is simple.  Imagine yourself as living as a man or woman living in this era of peace, war, magic.  Place yourself into your Character's shoes, and think about how s/he would feel, think, do, respond to other people during their day.

Role-playing does not mean you have to talk a fancy way, though many prefer it.  The extra effort in speaking a foreign tongue causes you to be more careful in what you say, as well as draws the attention of those around you.

What is considered Out of Character (OOC)?

OOC material is simply anything that does not exist within the Nexus realm or time setting Ancient Korea.

Examples of OOC items:

Computer games (This is your life, not a game)
"stats" (Levels/Vita/Mana)

If you need to say something OOC (such as a modern date), use double-parenthesis (()) around the OOC material.

"Poetry revel to be held on Yuri 28, 8/19  ((Sunday at 4pm CST))"

Authors: Lasahn,Mhul