Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Culture - The Birth of Koguryo's Princes
Date :3/10

<b>Librarian's Note:

During the seventy-sixth year of King MuHyul's reign, Queen Yun of Koguryo gave birth to Prince Mobon and Prince MingJung. The joy of King MuHyul and Queen Yun was matched only by the relief of the Koguryian people, as the Queen's pregnancy had been both lengthy and difficult.

The official statement, issued by the Royal Ministry of Koguryo, can be found below:

<b>                     ---------------------

        ~*~            o\*`'.\|/.'`*/o            ~*~            

<B>          *\|/* From Royal Ministry of Koguryo *\|/*

Greetings citizens of Koguryo,

It is our pleasure to announce the Queen has given birth to two children, Prince Mobon and Prince MingJung. She was attended through the difficult time by the Lady-in-Waiting Simiya, and   survived her ordeal only in thanks to the creature Suvola.

Rest assured, Koguryians, that both princes are in good health and the Queen is recovering.

Loxie Ohiraela
Prime Minister of Koguryo