Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Tales & Legends - Test of the Primogen
Date :3/11

During the seventy-eighth year of MuHyuls reign, amidst a period of civil unrest within the Buyan Empire, two dissident Primogen (Guerrund of Phoenix and Kallyssa of Heavens) took it upon themselves to test the defenses of the Imperial City. Together with Eldress Reikei, the three of them planned to use their shamanistic arts to open a portal to Naraka, a hell-like plane inhabited by demons and dark spirits.

After all, if the Imperial City couldn't hold against demons, what hope did it have of surviving an onslaught from hostile foreign powers?

Despite protests from Imperial Army and many concerned citizens, the three Mudang were set on their path. Sieo, the Sage of Nagnang, offered refuge to Buya's citizens while the ritual went underway. Many peasants and nobles fled the city in a panic to avoid whatever horrors the three Shaman were going to conjure.

Their reagents in place, the Mudang entered a trance, chanting in strange tongues. The Imperial Army stood bravely with many courageous citizens, all of them prepared to defend the Buyan Empire with their lives. Nothing, alas, could have prepared them for what was in store.

The sky darkened as a thunderclap boomed overhead. A thick, almost tangible energy washed over everyone in the immediate area. The spectators raised their weapons defensively... and then it happened:

The veil was torn asunder.

The portal erupted into a black, teeming mass. Lesser demons began pouring out, eager to claim fresh souls. A few lives were lost in the initial onslaught, but brave citizens fought valiantly and held their ground. Unfortunately, demons weren't the only problem?

The gods themselves were angry.

The divine protection granted within cities was stripped from everyone. Hysteria broke out and citizen turned against citizen, some attacking one another. As the situation deteriorated, Imperial Minister Sageri cried out to her daughter Kallyssa to end the madness before it was too late.

Snapping out of her trance, Primogen Kallyssa knew that she couldn't close the portal. She could, however, direct it to another realm. Using artifacts from Alternate Kugnae, she did just that. Suddenly the portal stabilized, and all of the demons were snapped back into Naraka.

The three Shaman were drawn into the portal, and the gathered citizens rushed in after them. Everyone found themselves in Mupa's palace, and with a fierce shriek, Queen Mupa set the Darkchild upon everyone. As the abomination slaughtered countless people, the Mudang escaped from Alternate Kugnae.

With the ritual thoroughly interrupted - and with no energy to maintain it - the portal itself closed. The Imperial Army and the surviving citizens vanquished the vile creatures within Mupa's domain and soon escaped her dark realm. For the moment, it seemed as if the trouble was over.

A formal hearing was held to decide the fate of the Shaman responsible. Eldress Reikai refused to attend and was deemed a war criminal by Empress Senshi. Guerrund was formally stripped of his status as a Defender of Buya. Kallyssa, for attempting to end the ritual, was allowed to keep her Defender status; but was ordered to humble herself before Buya's clans in order to seek forgiveness.

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Penned by Master Librarian Zen Ru with contributions from Primogen Guerrund of Phoenix.