Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :King Geumwa [H70]
Date :3/29

<b>Librarian's Note, Hyul 79:

In King MuHyul's seventieth year of reign, King Geumwa of Buya was discovered dead. It was later discovered that he had been poisoned, though the culprit is still at large at the time of this writing.

<b>Lady Zen Ru Ling
<b>Master Librarian

<b>          ------------------------------------------

<b>[Imperial Minister Biondeu's Announcement]

       The Imperial Ministry of Buya is saddened to
        report that death of the King Guemwa. He passed
        away on Hyul 70, 10th Moon, 13th Sun.

       The King has been inspected by the Shaman ZenRu
        and it was discovered that he passed away due
        to poison of a foreign nature. The Imperial
        Ministry will be having the Imperial Shaman
        inspect His Majesty before a proper burial is

       The Imperial Army will begin to evaluate the
        situation and gather up suspects in the murder
        of King Guemwa. All leads should be forwarded
        to the General Reon for investigation.

       Citizens, this is not the first time tragedy
        has come to our doorstep. We have an heir on
        the way. We have a Queen in mourning. Remember
        though that we are strong, we grieve, we are a    
        community, and we succeed... WE ARE BUYAN!

        The Imperial Minister of Buya
       Biondeu Hogvakten

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<b>[Empress Lasahn's Reflections]

          King... I know it shouldn't be so..
          but this is what has become. If maybe
           we were more cautious but.. we weren't.
           We had both let our guards down that
           night.We had both ignored the soldiers
          advice at times.. Such a slip
           it can change the future..for all of us.
           No, you were not a nice man..not caring
           in the least it seemed..but Buya shall
           live on. Buya will be strong. As your
           Heir shall be born and no one shall take
           that away. My wish was for you to see the
           new life that will be born, and maybe that
           would've woken your cold heart. But it is

           I was shocked when I found you, and I was
          still stunned at your funeral. I just
           couldn't seem to bring myself to accept
           this. You have met with a terrible fate.
           Just know King, that it was a beautiful
           service, there were some kind words told
           and support from the Kingdoms.

                   Buya will live strong.

~Queen Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

<b>          ------------------------------------------

[Assembled by Master Librarian Zen Ru.]