Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :King Yuri [Y82] [2]
Date :3/29
<b>[Prince Kija's Eulogy]

Citizens of Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang and the Wilderness..

The dynasty that King Yuri has left behind will leave encouragement, and hope. We walk these lands with memories we have from as early as our creation, and perhaps even onward. I have no doubt in my mind that King Yuri will cherish his memories of a great nation, a great family, and an accomplished life.

I wish well to his son, Prince M'hul, and the citizens of this fine land, especially in times like these.

Many may not know what King Yuri was dreaming of the night he passed, but it gives me comfort knowing that his son, Prince M'hul, was among one of those in his dreams. Images of his son growing up into a valiant hero, and overseeing a great kingdom.

Koguryo will live on with perhaps new politics and new figureheads, but it will always have that same breath of air, that fame familiar feeling, and the same memories. Thank you.

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<b>[Princess Lasahn's Eulogy]

Thank you, Prince M'hul.

It was last year at the King's Jubilee anniversary that I aimed an arrow at the King's head and said, "Love forever, King Yuri, or die trying."

I released the tension in my bow; my arrow soared above his head, singing with the suspended atmosphere, and pierced into the back wall. He trusted me, this King of Koguryo. He did not blink nor show any sign of fear - but his eyes - his eyes looked upon me not with anger, not with disappointment, but with eyes of approval, of understanding, of acceptance.

Whether this was a foreboding action of mine, I do not know, but I felt that he knew of his status within this realm of the Nexus. Yes, his physical form has left us; his body has "died trying" as he lived a life of any mortal who wanders the mortal plane, but his legacy lives on.

When I shot the arrow, it did not sting the back wall, its symbolic entity burrowed into my heart; his eyes knew it best.

So the ever seeing, ever knowing, ever living father of Koguryo, I pray your soul has found rest. Live on!

Thank you.

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[Assembled by Master Librarian Zen Ru. Original transcripts via Nexus Atlas.]