Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :King Yuri [Y82] [1]
Date :3/29

<b>Librarian's Note, Hyul 79:

In King Yuri's eighty-second year of reign, the long-standing monarch passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Below you will find Prince M'hul's original announcement of King Yuri's death, followed by the eulogies given by himself, Princess Lasahn, and the late Prince Kija.

<b>Lady Zen Ru Ling
<b>Master Librarian

<b>          ------------------------------------------

<b>[As announced by Prince Mhul via sage.]

Beloved citizens of Koguryo and outlying lands:

It is with great despair that I announce the death of my father, King Yuri. Be assured that he passed away peacefully in his sleep during the early morning hours. Funeral services will be held in the coming days.

<b>          ------------------------------------------

<b>[Prince Mhul's Eulogy]

Thank you all for coming tonight. I have a few things to announce before we begin.

Normally we would mark the anniversary with this day. King Yuri, even in his weakened state, was working to bring you the items to celebrate our anniversary. In honor of my Father we will be taking this time to celebrate his Life. We shall hold our anniversary soon.

But this shall be a time of mourning for our nations. I stand before you today not only as a prince but as a son. Death does not discriminate between the rich and the poor. It strikes those it deems worthy to travel beyond this mortal plane. My father has lived his long life with honor and pride in what he has achieved.

Not every decision he made was deemed just but he stood by them nonetheless, just as he stood by me from my birth throughout my impetuous youth and now to present day. Under no circumstances was I ever coddled or given liberties. He taught me to fight for what I believed, what I wanted. I only hope his love and teachings will guide me now as I continue to govern this precious kingdom I was born to protect.

From the day he was named Kug-Yun Yuri, my father has been a strong individual. He became a warrior at an early age, far surpassing others of advanced years. His father was a town advisor killed in a raid from Han imperials. With Yuri?s knowledge and skills, the village looked to him for guidance. With their support, Koguryo was painstakingly built with her sweat of your Forefathers. They chose him to be King. He married and had two sons, my brother and I. Sadly, my brother died at war. My mother became quite ill herself and soon followed him.

I was all he had left. With determination, he continued to build Koguryo from a small province to an enterprising Kingdom. He encouraged Subpaths and approved our first clans. Soon Buya followed with the arrival of Emperor Senshi and Princess Lasahn. The four of us worked well together until the arrival of General Blight and Nagnang. This was just another war for my father, a seasoned warrior, to fight in and fight he did! I remember the nights in that forsaken land when his tired body would not rest. He has survived Mupa twice, that deceitful witch, and won with help of his people.

He appointed Librarians to record the history of our great kingdom and keeps it open to the people in our Libraries. I am sure you all remember his Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilees and the Royal Ball just held. He appreciated extravagance but not at the cost of his people. Your welfare and protection were always first in his heart.

I can see by expressions of sadness displayed today that his
passing has affected you all. These past days have been an expression of mournful grieving. The palace halls are silent. No longer will we hear the whoosh of his robes or his determined footsteps announcing his arrival. No longer will his untroubled tones announce decisions of life and death. How sad that this great man will no longer share our lives.

I ask fervently that you keep memories of him forever in your hearts.

At this time my Royal cousin Prince Kija has a few words to say.