Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Buya-Koguryo Alliance Nullified [H63]
Date :4/10
   ~| A Message from the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya |~

       In Yuri 36, faced with a new and sometimes host-
      ile relationship with Nagnang, the kingdoms of
      Buya and Koguryo entered into an alliance oblig-
      ging each to present a unified front with regard
      to Nagnang. Given the political climate of the
      time, this alliance made sense. Although Buya and
      Koguryo had their differences, we could be united
      in this regard.

      Now many decades have passed, and the relations
      between Buya and Nagnang have improved and been
      clarified. There is no longer any reason for my
      nation to automatically prefer one foreign power
      over another in international conflicts. Thus,
      in consultation with the Imperial Ministry, I
      have chosen to withdraw from and so nullify the
      Buya-Koguryo Alliance of Yuri 36.

      Henceforth, Buya shall choose its position in
      conflicts based on its own national interests
      and not on the obligations of an outdated treaty.
      This should not in any way be seen as a sign of
      hostility or lessened affection for our friends
      in Koguryo, but rather as an overdue adjustment
      in Buyan policy. Nor should it be seen as cond-
      oning the recent actions of Nangen nationalists
      in Masan or elsewhere. Buya will oppose unjust
      violence, especially against innocents, even if
      we have no legal obligation to do so.

      Buya does not seek conflict with any nation and
      under my leadership we have sought to avoid it
      whenever possible. We !will! fight when our own
      defense or interests demand it, and we will not
      be walked over or abused without responding, but
      from now on we will choose our own battles.

                               ~Queen Lasahn~
                               ~Head of State of Buya~