Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Koguryian-Nangen Clan Agreement [H5]
Date :4/10
      (^\/^\/^)   The Clans of Koguryo & Nagnang's    
        \@*@*@/     Mutual Declaration of Defiance


We, the undersigned clans of Koguryo and Nagnang, declare the following:

   Under no circumstance will any member of these listed Koguryian and Nangen Clans succumb to the intimidation of those who wish us harm.  We stand firm in knowing our might and determination outweighs our enemy.  Despite the devastation inflicted upon us by the kidnapping of our craftspeople, we stand firm in knowing our honour has far greater value.

   We refuse surrender.  We are prepared to defend our forts and wealth against attack or invasion.  We stand together in our refusal to bargain with pirates.  

  We are willing to ally ourselves with any other clans, guilds, families and organizations who share these beliefs.

          - Clans of the Kingdom of Koguryo -

        ~Bear Clan~             ~SunMoon Clan~
       Primogen Teragg         Primogen khaos

       ~Enigma Clan~           ~Oceana Clan~
       Primogen magnita        Primarch Mesocute

       ~Tiger Clan~            ~Destiny Clan~
       Primogen Healinkisses   Primogen Diskord

               ~Koguryian Royal Army~
                 Royal Advisor Nykid

              ~Royal Ministry of Koguryo~
                 Royal Minister Gilley

         - Clans of the Kingdom of Nagnang -

       ~Alizarin Clan~           ~K'urimja Clan~
       Primogen Gamine           Primogen Rubicant

       ~Pegasus Clan~             ~Silla Clan~
       Primarch Kujek            Primogen Morick

                  ~Legion of Nagnang~
                  General Adragonsclaw

                ~Ministry of Nagnang~
                Prime Minister JooEun                

Signed On His Royal Majesty King Mu'Hyul's 5th Year of Reign

This agreement has hence forth been entitled,
"The Koguryian & Nangen Clan Agreement, H5."

   ~Lady Gilley~
Royal Minister of Koguryo

Of His Royal Majesty's King Mu'Hyul's 5th year of Reign.