Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Buyan Peace Treaty [Y78]
Date :4/10
 We, the undersigned Primogenitors, on this most glorious Yuri Yuri 78 Moon 10, do hereby proclaim and reaffirm our commitment to defend Buya from foreign enemies and aid the Imperial Army in the protection and policing of the respective districts surrounding our clan halls within Buya City, in times of emergency.

 We further affirm our undying loyalty to Buya and the House of Senshi in times of war and peace, through the darkest and brightest hours.


 Pesmerga XV              Forcer                Gnoff    
 ~Elendhirin~             ~Dharma~           ~Lost Kingdom~

               Kyas                  Zarkh
             ~Phoenix~             ~Heavens~

 Whereas the Clans of Buya have expressed, reaffirmed, and formalized their loyalty and devotion to their homeland, we the undersigned do hereby accept their devotion and loyalty with gratitude, humility, and pride.


       Aino Senshi          Princess Lasahn Ling Chun Senshi
        ~Emperor~                   ~Head of State~

    Guerrund              AceoStar               Dansom
~Prime Minister~  ~General, Imperial Army~  ~Deputy Minister~

                     ~ Ambassador ~

(Notated painstakingly by Scribe Kiyone. Dictated, not read.)