Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Tri-Kingdom Alliance [Y71]
Date :4/10

<b>A Notice of Authority

 On this day the Kingdoms of Koguryo and Nagnang along with the Buyan Empire hereby appoint the following  to act on behalf of our respective nations in all matters of State.

<b>                       Empire of Buya

                       Princess Lasahn

<b>                     Kingdom of Koguryo

                         Prince Mhul

<b>                     Kingdom of Nagnang

                         Prince Kija


<b> A Trilateral Treaty of Peace

 On this day, we the undersigned hereby swear to the everlasting peace of our Nations.  Agreeing to a permanent and sincere friendship, unobstructed routes of commerce, and limited mutual defense.  The aforementioned shall be delineated as follows:

<b>Article I

<b>Permanent & Sincere Friendship

Unaligned Organizations

No member of this Alliance shall give aid or succor to any organization harboring ill will and or participating in military action against member states.


The following persons shall not be hindered on their travels throughout the lands while on business relating to their respective governments: Royalty, recognized Diplomats, members of the Royal Courts, Judges, Ministers and their subordinates of the various committees.

Resolution of Conflict

All conflicts shall be referred to the Council on Kingdom Relations is which is made up of the Ambassadors, their Assistants, as well as any others that shall be elected.  The Royalty of the member states shall hold  Seats of Honor on this Council.  The decisions of this Council shall be binding unless overturned by a 2/3 majority of the Royalty.

<b>Article II

<b>Unobstructed Commerce


The member states shall not set forth to establish laws in this area, the Merchant Subpath shall be the recognized Arbitors regarding all disputes concerning pricing and engraves.  Justice and the Merchants shall act as previously agreed.

Safe Travel
1.  The member states shall not hinder caravans moving between Allied nations.  No Army residing within a member state shall attack or harm any neutral or Allied caravans.

 2.  No Army residing within a member state shall deny access to raw resources, crafting sites, or refined materials to any Allied or neutral Citizen.

<b>Article III

<b>Limited Mutual Defense

1.  When a member nation is attacked in a unprovoked manner, the Ambassador or Royal (or designee) of the attacked nation shall submit a formal Request of Aid to the Council on Kingdom Relations.  The Council shall hear the request, and rule as to what action the Alliance shall take.

Cooperation in offensive actions is not guaranteed under this Alliance.  IF the Council on Kingdom Relations finds offensive action to be necessary by a 2/3 majority the recommendation will be sent to the Royalty of the nations who must agree unanimously.  

We the undersigned hereby proclaim the Triple Alliance in effect for Now and Forever.  Signed in Faith this day in the Imperial City of Buya, Woe to those who sunder this solemn agreement.



Princess Lasahn    Prince Mhul            Prince Kija
 Empire of Buya     Kingdom of Koguryo     Kingdom of  Nagnang


This agreement has hence forth been entitled,
"The Tri-Kingdom Alliance, Y71."

   ~Lady Starrbrite~
Royal Minister of Koguryo

Of His Royal Majesty's King Yuri's 71st year of Reign.