Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Buyan-Koguryian-Barbarian Agreement [Y50]
Date :4/10

                     The Royal Koguryian, Imperial Buyan
              and Barbarian Tribes Agreement of Peace, Y50

ACKNOWLEDGING THAT, the Barbarian tribes admit neither Koguryian nor Buyan troops are responsible for the attacks in the Wilderness.

SUCH THAT, the Imperial territories of Arctic Lands and Sanhae are returned to the Empire of Buya, through peaceful interactions.

SUCH THAT, the Royal territory of the Island of Hausson are returned to the Kingdom of Koguryo, through peaceful interactions.

ESTABLISHED THAT, the Barbarian tribes will cease all raids on Imperial Buyan and Royal Koguryian territories.

Signed,   Peace Minister Muckish, Kingdom of Koguryo
               General NightRaven, Buyan Imperial Army
               Chronickilla, Barbarian Representative

This agreement has hence forth been entitled,
"The Buyan, Koguryian & Barbarian Agreement, Y50."

~Lord Muckish~
Royal Koguryian Peace Minister

Of His Royal Majesty's King Yuri's 50th year of Reign.