Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Second Buya-Koguryo Alliance [Y49]
Date :4/10
<b>       The Kingdom of Koguryo and Empire of Buya
<b>               Second Alliance Agreement
          (In Respect to the Sohni Tribes)

I, Prince-Regent M'hul of the Kingdom of Koguryo, under His Royal Majesty King Yuri, hereby swear to ally with the Kingdom of Buya in all future affairs regarding the Tribes of the Sohni.  Koguryo will put its best effort forward to forge peace with the Sohni tribes unless it is found to be impossible. Should war in fact be inevitable I will join swords with the Buyan Empire in fighting these foreign tribes.

Signed, M'hul Prince-Regent of Koguryo    
            Muckish, Minister of Peace

I, Princess Lashan of the Empire of Buya, under Emperor Senshi, do hereby swear to ally the Empire of Buya with the Kingdom of Koguryo in all future dealings and/or conflicts with the Tribes of Sonhi. We shall try to obtain a peaceful agreement with the Sonhi, but should the Sonhi prove unwilling in the peace process, the Empire will stand and fight beside Koguryo through any and all conflicts that might arise.

Signed, Lasahn, Princess of Buya
       General NightRaven, Buyan Imperial Army


This agreement has hence forth been entitled,
"The Second Buya-Koguryo Alliance, Y49."

~Lord Muckish~
Royal Koguryian Peace Minister

Of His Royal Majesty's King Yuri's 49th year of Reign.