Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Buya-Koguryo Alliance [Y36]
Date :4/10
<b>         The Koguryo and Buya Alliance Agreement.

I, Prince M'hul of Koguryo, hereby swear to ally with the Kingdom of Buya in all coming affairs regarding the Nation of Nagnang.  I also note here and now that it is this alliances intention to forge peace with Nagnang unless it is found to be impossible, should war in fact be inevitable I will join swords with Buya in fighting this foreign nation.

Signed, M'hul Prince of Koguryo    
             Weltal, Minister of Peace

I, Princess Lasahn, Head of State of Buya under Emperor Senshi, swear to agree by these conditions and ally with the kingdom of Koguryo regarding all matters of diplomacy with Nagnang. Buya's gesture of Peace has been extended and it is our intention to maintain it unless it should be rejected by Nagnang's sovereignty where then we shall join forces with Koguryo to defend our two kingdoms.

              Princess Lasahn,
             Head of State of Buya

             Mentes, Imperial Council


This agreement has hence forth been entitled,
"The Buya-Koguryo Alliance, Y36."

       ~Lord Weltal~
Royal Peace Minister of Koguryo

Of His Royal Majesty's King Yuri's 36th year of Reign.