Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Buya-Koguryo Peace Treaty [Y27]
Date :4/10
<b>     An Agreement of Cessation of Hostilities between
<b>        The Kingdom of Koguryo and Empire of Buya.

I, Prince M'hul of Koguryo, hereby order all Royal forces and loyal Clan militias to return to the Kingdom of Koguryo and withdraw from their posts within Buyan territory and the Wilderness. From this day forth I renounce my claims to the Wilderness and recognize it as a neutral territory for the benefit of both Koguryo and Buya, in hopes that it will usher in a new era of peace between the Kingdom of Koguryo and Empire of Buya. If the need arises Koguryo will seek agreement with the Empire of Buya before taking action within this newly demilitarized zone. Moreover, Koguryo recognizes no victor of the Buya-Koguryo War and hopes this Treaty of Peace will prevent future hostilities between our two likeminded kingdoms.

Signed, M'hul Prince of Koguryo    
             Sayuri, Minister of Peace

I, Princess Lasahn, Head of State of Buya under Emperor Senshi, also order all Imperial forces and loyal Clan militias to return to the territories of the Empire and withdraw from their wartime posts, including those within the lands of the Wilderness. I hereby renounce my father's, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Senshi's, claims on the Wilderness lands south of the capital city and furthermore recognize these lands as neutral territory. I also hereby promise to seek agreement between the Empire of Buya and Kingdom of Koguryo before ordering any military action within the Wilderness. Buya also recognizes no victor to the Buya-Koguryo conflict and accepts Koguryo's hand in hopes of a long-lasting peace.

              Princess Lasahn,
             Head of State of Buya

             Mentes, Imperial Council


This agreement has hence forth been entitled,
"The Buya-Koguryo Peace Treaty, Y27."

       ~Lady Sayuri~
Royal Peace Minister of Koguryo

Of His Royal Majesty's King Yuri's 27th year of Reign.