Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Past Imperial Ministers [3]
Date :4/14
<b>* Maevalia [Hyul 61 - Hyul 64]

Imperial Minister Maevalia began her tenure by bolstering the ranks of the Imperial Ministry with new councilors. Her reign was fairly standard, with Maevalia devoting herself to Buya's culture.

Notably, the Buya-Koguryo Alliance of Yuri 36 was nullified by Empress Lasahn during this time. Her term was cut short when she was called upon to become the new Shaman Eldress.

She served for three years.

<b>* Biondeu [Hyul 64 - Hyul 72]

Imperial Minister Biondeu had an eventful reign filled with many changes for the Buyan Empire. Early in his term, Biondeu was able to obtain several new legend marks for the Shining Jewel Foundation - the first addition to the organization in many years. This created an increased interest in the SJF, with many citizens making large donations in order to be recognized as "Benefactors."

The last three years of Biondeu's tenure were extremely eventful. In Hyul 70, the Elendhirin Clan of Buya disbanded - the first clan to do so in the history of the Nexus. Biondeu was a strong advocate for their disbandment and butted heads with the gods on multiple occasions over the matter.

His final years in office also saw the murder of "King" Geumwa (via a mysterious poison). Biondeu's administration was responsible for arranging the funeral services and consoling the mourning Empress. Shortly thereafter, Biondeu had the honor of being in office during the birth of Prince Daeso. He soon chose to retire and leave the Kingdoms.

He served for eight years.

<b>* Jolie [Hyul 72 - Hyul 75]

Imperial Minister Jolie's second reign was much shorter and less eventful than her first. During her tenure she began to fix infrastructural issues within the Imperial Ministry itself, restoring things to the way they were during her first reign.

Ever devoted to Buya's culture, Jolie revived the Imperial Runway and hosted many parties and events.

She served for three years.

<b>* ZenRu [Hyul 75 - Hyul 77]

Imperial Minister ZenRu's reign was short but eventful and productive. She tirelessly worked to continue improving upon the Imperial Ministry's infrastructure and tied up the many loose ends left over by her predecessors.

During her term, ZenRu's administration was host to the Imperial Holiday Gala, a large week-long festival that culminated in a Defender Ceremony. Her term was cut short, however, when she was called to her homeland of Han.

She served for two years.

<b>* Sageri [Hyul 77 - Present]