Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Past Imperial Ministers [2]
Date :4/14
<b>* NyteBeauti [Hyul 42 - Hyul 46]

Imperial Minister NyteBeauti's term in office was short. After an attempted theft of the Ministry Bank (which was quickly thwarted by former Minister Jolie), NyteBeauti vanished, leaving the Buyan Empire without a Minister for two years.

Former Imperial Minister Guerrund was made Interim Minister until a successor was chosen to serve the Ministry.

She served for four years.

<b>* RebelMagic [Hyul 46 - Hyul 50]

Imperial Minister RebelMagic was named as NyteBeauti's successor during a grand ceremony held by Princess Lasahn. Her reign saw the death of Emperor Aino Senshi, and her administration was responsible for his funeral arrangements in addition to providing hope to the Buyan people.

She served for four years.

<b>* SoulGuard (Hyul 50 to Hyul 60):

Imperial Minister SoulGuard's first two years in office would be the envy of any Minister. During the first Defender Ceremony of his reign, Lord Geumwa announced his engagement to Princess Lasahn. Later that year, SoulGuard's administration was tasked with planning the Imperial Wedding. During the ceremony, Minister SoulGuard stood with Lord Geumwa.

During his second year, SoulGuard's administration was in charge of planning the Imperial Coronation. The ceremony officially recognized "King" Geumwa and "Queen" Lasahn as reigning monarchs of the Buyan Empire.

After an exciting two years, SoulGuard continued to promote culture within with Kingdoms and maintained an active Ministry. Internally, he added many new rules and guidelines that did not live long past his time in office.

During his final year as Imperial Minister, SoulGuard robbed the Ministry Bank of its sizable fortune and disappeared without a trace.

He served for ten years.

<b>* Sheilala [Hyul 60 - Hyul 61]

Imperial Minister Sheilala was chosen as SoulGuard's successor after his disappearance. Her short term in office was a quiet one, as she preferred to work internally and issue in-house assignments to her councilors privately.

She served for one year.