Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Past Imperial Ministers [1]
Date :4/14
<b>                   --------------------------
<b>                   IMPERIAL MINISTERS OF BUYA
<b>                   --------------------------

<b>* Castaspella [Yuri 63 - Yuri 72]

Imperial Minister Castaspella was the first Imperial Minister of Buya. She was responsible for the original organization of the Ministry in addition to the creation of the Affiliate of the Sovereign quest. She dedicated herself to the betterment of the Buyan Empire and the establishment of a Ministry that would stand the test of time.

She served for nine years.

<b>* Guerrund [Yuri 72 - Yuri 80]

Imperial Minister Guerrund worked toward peace within the Buyan Empire. During his reign the threat of Urigiri was quelled and the Buyan Peace Treaty was established, which united every Buyan Clan in an official capacity. Imperial Minister Guerrund also worked towards fine-tuning the Affiliate of the Sovereign quest, as well as the general betterment of the Empire.

He served for eight years.

<b>* Sebelle [Yuri 80 - Hyul 10]

Imperial Minister Sebelle devoted much of his reign to cultural pursuits within the Buyan Empire. In Yuri 81, his Ministry was responsible for the creation and signing of the Cultural Recognition Act. This act awarded Official Landmark status to the Buyan Theater. Both the Imperial Ministry and Muse Guild of Buya vowed to uphold and preserve the landmark.

He served for twelve years.

<b>* Jolie [Hyul 10 - Hyul 42]

Imperial Minister Jolie is one of Buya's longest-running Ministers to date and much was accomplished during and after her time in office, making her one of Buya's most recognized and accomplished Imperial Ministers.

Well-known for her passion of promoting and preserving Buyan culture, Imperial Minister Jolie was responsible for the creation of the Imperial Runway. During it's time, The Runway was a friendly competition for the community to bring out their inner fashionistas and win prizes of Kruna for their creativity and style.

Jolie was also responsible for the creation of the Shining Jewel Foundation, which serves to aid the community in any positive and charitable way. It acts as a safe haven for any citizen in times of war or hardship and is still functioning to this day.  

Because of her tireless dedication to Buya, she formed a very close bond with Princess (now Empress) Lasahn that no other citizen or Minister has come close to having. After her retirement, she became Empress Lasahn's Lady-In-Waiting and was her biggest support during Emperor Aino Senshi's death and the marriage to King Geumwa.

She served for thirty-two years.