Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Past Royal Ministers [2]
Date :4/14

<b>                    ~ Ministers of Culture ~

<b>* Universe [Yuri 16 - Yuri 23]

Minister Universe was Koguryo's first Minister of Culture. His reign was before the Great Shift, and unfortunately very few citizens ever met him or know anything about him.

He served for seven years.

<b>* Keichi [Yuri 23 - Yuri 41]

Minister Keichi was the Minister of Culture following the Great Shift. His administration is perhaps best known for creating the Koguryo Newspaper, the first Ice Soccer game, and the first Subpath Fair.

Minister Keichi was also a member of the Ssaurabi, and was married to the first editor of the Koguryo News, Belledandi.

He served for eighteen years.

<b>* Inktomi [Yuri 41 - Yuri 42]

Minister Inktomi was perhaps the shortest-serving Minister of Culture. His love of the arts were renown in the Kingdom, however he resigned his post quite early in his term as he believed there was distrust in his leadership.

Oddly, Inktomi is far better known for hosting the weekly Poetry Revels than for his time as Minister.

He served for one year.

<b>* Anjos (Yuri 42 - Yuri 58)

Minister Anjos was very well known for her active spirit in the Kingdom. She was the first Minister that set lasting traditions within the Ministry of Culture.

She was responsible for the creation of Yuri's Youth day and the Veteran's Day Marches. She also continued the Santa M'hul event and the Subpath Fairs. From Yuri 48 until Yuri 52, Anjos' Ministry was put into the hands of Minister Muckish while she was away.

She served for sixteen years.

<B>* Starrbrite [Yuri 58 - Yuri 61]

Minister Starrbrite is perhaps one of the best known Ministers. She began her term towards the end of Minister Muckish's and continued his reforming measures throughout her reign.

As Minister of Culture, she was able to finally return the Poetry Revels to Koguryo - as they had long been held by the Muse Guild. She also was the Minister in charge of King Yuri's Diamond Jubilee Festivities.

However, much of her successes arrived after her elevation to the post of "Royal Minister of Koguryo" - a position which Prince M'hul created when he amalgamated the Royal Peace and Culture Ministries in Yuri 61.

She served for twenty years.