Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Past Royal Ministers [1]
Date :4/14
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<b>                   ROYAL MINISTERS OF KOGURYO
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<b>                     ~ Ministers of Peace ~

<b>* Patalie [Yuri 16 - Yuri 23]

Minister Patalie was the first Peace Minister and very little is actually known about her leadership and time in office. It is understood that she worked quite closely with King Yuri, primarily as a Royal Advisor. It is believed she did most of her work behind closed doors, keeping her time in office shrouded under a veil of secrecy.

She served for seven years.

<b>* Sayuri [Yuri 23 - Yuri 32]

Minister Sayuri was arguably the most successful Minister of Peace. She was the Minister responsible for bringing an end to the Buya-Koguryo War in Yuri 27 through a treaty that served Koguryo very well for many years after the war had ended.

She served for nine years.

<b>* Weltal [Yuri 32 - Yuri 47]

Minister Weltal's term is largely remembered for that fact that he served for the most part dealing with the aftermath of the Buya-Koguryo War and the treaty that ended the conflict.

Weltal spent most of his time as Minister healing the great rift which was formed between the two Kingdoms. He was also the Minister that dealt with the God War, as well as the continuing Sohni threat.

His reign also saw the creation and signing of the long-lasting Buya-Koguryo Alliance, in addition to the construction of the Kugnae Baths.

He served for fifteen years.

<b>* Muckish [Yuri 47 - Yuri 60]

Minister Muckish was one of the longer-serving Ministers of Peace. However, unlike his predecessors, he is not famed for his work in the diplomatic field - as Koguryo experienced a period of peace during this time.

He was Koguryo's first official to deal with the opening of the Nangen borders to Koguryo's south, and also worked quite closely with his Buyan counterparts to reach a solution to the frequent Barbarian raids.

Muckish is perhaps best known for bringing the Ministry into the public eye from Yuri 48 to Yuri 52, as the Ministry of Culture temporarily fell under his jurisdiction. During this time he hosted King Yuri's Golden Jubilee, distributing many prizes and bringing King Yuri back into the spotlight.

Yuri 50 brought along with it Koguryo's slogan, "Onwards, Azure Koguryo!" As his term winded down, Muckish was responsible for the construction of the Royal Coliseum and its atrium in Yuri 58.

He served for thirteen years.

<b>* Sidious [Yuri 60 - Yuri 61]

Minister Sidious took leadership of the Ministry of Peace following Minister Muckish's resignation. However, he soon found the position overwhelming and resigned.

He served for one year.

<b>* KoyaSoto [Yuri 61]

Minister KoyaSoto's term was also quite short. However, he is responsible for the arrangements made with Minister Starrbrite to form the new Royal Ministry.

He later went on to serve under Royal Minister Starrbrite as Koguryo's first Ambassador.

He served for less than one year.