Board :Inquiring Minds
Author :Librarian ZenRu
Subject :Lists & Charts - Noted Historians
Date :12/23
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<B>                       NOTED HISTORIANS
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<b>Librarian's Note, Hyul 76:

During the fifth year of King MuHyul's reign, Jolie - the Librarian of Buya - instituted the following list to recognize those citizens who have contributed to chronicling or preserving the history of our Kingdoms.

While it has been updated a few times over the years, the list has largely been forgotten. As Master Librarian of the Nexus, I hereby commit to recognizing those citizens most devoted to the study of history.

May we forever look to the past, allowing it to shape our futures.

<b>                                Lady Zen Ru of House Ling
<b>                                Master Librarian of Nexus


 Kiroku Hozonsho
 Librarian (Gan)

<b>Original Preface by Jolie, Hyul 5:

 I am sure everyone has a moment in their life where they
  fancy themselves to be a historian, especially in these
  kingdoms.  At one point or another we all aid to history
  and the writings on the pages.  We research them, recite
  them, and empower ourselves with them.  Memories are no
  doubt the highest form of intelligence.  If you believe
  that you are a historian, flaunt it off a bit!  I will
  be adding a special spot on this board for all of those
  recognized historians who aid to our kingdom.  Who knows,
  you may end up on this list and not know it!