Board :Law
Author :Alilolelotte
Subject :Player Privacy Law
Date :1/23
   It is illegal to reveal another players alt chars, or IRL (In Real Life) information about player, by name, or possible position, on any public media including but not limited to sage, world shout, boards, clan or path chat, without first obtaining permission from said player specifically allowing it, and retaining proof of said permission ie: ss, etc.

   Doing so, without permission, will subject your character to punishment as deemed appropriate, dependant on degree of revelation.  This can range from warning up to possible jailing and/or banishment.

   Player privacy is a right, as outlined in TOS, and this law clarifies the TOS specific to alternate chars and IRL information, but does not override the TOS.  This is a Role Playing Game, and the above information of another player has no role here, nor will be allowed to either embarrass or cause discomfort to anyone.
    Adding "rumored" or similar will not excuse naming alts, or revealing IRL info.  So to speak, the damage is still done.

Author: Teragg