Board :Law
Author :Dalnum
Subject :Kru Int. License agreement (2)
Date :2/14
8. Post to many bulletin boards at once and/or send multiple unsolicited emails to a single address sometimes referred to as "spamming," is prohibited. Kru Interactive may take action on Player's account if any of the following offenses is reported: (a) Sending unsolicited mail to more than 10 people or (b) Sending more than two (2) unsolicited emails to a single email address. Repeated spamming will result in account termination.

9. Advancing a persona's points without being present. This is known as 'robot' play or 'auto-hunting' and is not tolerated.


Account Ownership

Kru Interactive is the owner of Kru Interactive Games and the Client Software and the copyrights, trade secrets, patents and other intellectual property rights in the Client Software. Kru Interactive owns all characters, objects, creatures and rights to change said entities at will. No game character or object is guaranteed to be consistent or remain within your use.

One account is for one person. Only one person is allowed to use the characters on any given account. Multiple characters on an account cannot be played simultaneously. Selling, trading, transferring, and assigning of accounts in any way is strictly prohibited and will result in termination of the account and is subject to termination of Kru Interactive Games membership.

Ownership of Kru Item Shop Assets

Kru Interactive retains exclusive ownership of all items, assets, and other intellectual property displayed in the Kru Item Shop. The payment using Kru Money (a.k.a Kruna) for the items will grant you a limited time usage of the items you checked out. Kru Interactive will not reimburse or refund any items claimed lost, stolen, traded, or in any way transferred to another player. All items licensed through the Item Shop will automatically be reverted back to Kru Interactive once the limited time is up or upon termination of the account, whichever comes first.


1. You agree to use the Client Software solely for the purpose of accessing and playing within Kru Interactive Games.

2. You acknowledge that the Client Software contains trade secrets, copyrighted works and other proprietary materials of Kru Interactive. You further agree not to make any unauthorized copies of the Client Software or to decompile, reverse engineer or, in any other manner, disassemble or modify the Client Software.

3. You will not attempt (nor will you assist a third party to attempt) to "hack", access or monitor any Kru Interactive Internet computing facility (e.g. Kru Interactive server) by any means other than those approved in writing by Kru Interactive. The only approved method of accessing a Kru Interactive Games server is via an unmodified copy of the Client Software as distributed by or for Kru Interactive.

4. You agree not to attempt to transfer any game personage to another person. ANY CHARACTER PLAYED BY YOU CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER PERSON. No Game personage may be transferred to another person. The game persona is non-transferable.

5. The only authorized and acceptable source for game account coupons (also known as Authorization Serial Codes) and Item Shop Coupons (also known as Kruna Coupons) is Kru Interactive. These Coupons are not intended for the purpose of trade between players for rare items/labor/favors or ANY OTHER PURPOSE than their authorized use (the creation or renewal of an account). Players obtaining coupons from other players do so entirely at their own risk. ANY COUPON that is fraudulently purchased will result in the BLOCKING of any account that coupon is used on WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Anyone found PURCHASING codes fraudulently (stolen credit cards, credit card generators, etc.) will be reported to the appropriate authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of law .