Board :Law
Author :Dalnum
Subject :Kru Int. License Agreement (4)
Date :2/14
Applicable Law

To the extent there is any conflict between this Agreement and any other agreement between you and Kru Interactive, this Agreement will control. If any part of this Agreement were held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining potions of the Agreement. The laws of the State of California , excluding that body of law relating to choice of laws, and of the United States of America shall govern this Agreement.

Additional Terms for Coupon Purchase and Usage

If you purchased a COUPON (also known as Authorization Serial Code) for Nexus TK, Dark Ages, or Shattered Galaxy, you may enter the COUPON to register or renew your Kru Interactive, Inc. (Kru Interactive) game account for the applicable games. Please note COUPONS purchased for one game will not work on another. If you purchased a COUPON for the Kru Item Shop, you may add it to your account to receive Kru Money (aka Kruna) to use in the Kru Item Shop. In such case, you should note that you are purchasing the Kruna Coupon with your payment. This COUPON purchase will not grant you ownership rights to the assets in the Kru Item Shop, which are protected by applicable intellectual property laws.

Please be noted that this code may be used only once, and you assume all liability on the usage of this code.

Please retain this code in a safe place for your records, as this code will be used to verify your ownership of the account. Kru Interactive employees will never ask for this code in-game.

All purchases for COUPONS are FINAL. NO refunds will be issued for any reason.

If you have mistakenly charged your credit card multiple times, or have any other questions concerning charges, please contact us through our support page or click ?Support? at, BEFORE you contact your credit card company, bank, EZIC, Paypal, Bibit, or any other financial institution.

Any charge dispute not brought directly to Kru Interactive FIRST will result in termination and block of all characters, accounts, and services associated with you and cardholder.

Kru Interactive Customers are to keep in mind that Kru Interactive is the ONLY AUTHORIZED SOURCE of COUPONS.

COUPONS are not meant for the purpose of trade between players for rare items/labor/favors etc. ANY COUPON that is fraudulently purchased or obtained will result in the BLOCKING of any account that code is used on WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Anyone found PURCHASING codes fraudulently will be reported to the appropriate authorities and prosecuted to the full extent of law.

Thank you for your patronage, and we hope you enjoy our entertainment service.

Kru Interactive, Inc.