Board :Law
Author :Dalnum
Subject :Shared Wisdom Law
Date :2/27
Sages involving advertisements concerning buying/selling kruna for in game gold is not allowed and can result in loss of sage.

Sages must be in game topics.  Sages about out of game subjects, this includes sages about other nexus games, are not permitted.  Sages including insults, or lag would also be sage abuse.

All game laws apply to sages. You may not curse or sage any racial remarks. Players doing so may face jail time and/or banishment from the game.

If you get jailed under the new system you will lose any sage spell you have, and you will not be able to learn one for 90 days. Then you will start at the first spell, and have to work your way up again.

Those who are jailed for sage abuse may be forced to wait longer to upgrade their sage spell, than those jailed for other crimes.

Edited by Yulli Hyul 5 updated by dalnum

If you are determined to sage for an Archon please remember to use the command /report.  Before using this command please read the Guide post regarding it's guidelines; inappropriate use can resulting in punishment.

Author: Yulli Hyul 5