Board :Law
Author :Dalnum
Subject :Public Chats (clan/subpath/host)
Date :7/12
All conversations in public chats are not immune to the current justice laws.  If a valid report/ticket is submitted to KRU and/or in-game representatives, the organization in question will be watched for conversations that are offending in nature (i.e. drug references, racial discrimination, sexual innuendos).

The primogen (or elder or head host) will be informed, and in turn, it is his/her responsibility to report them to the justice system.  A primogen (or elder or head host) can request for verification by submitting the date/time and the name of the person in question.

Members will be jailed for serious other if they are found conversing in a manner that categorizes it as a "serious other" offense in accordance to the law board.  

The organization is subject to disbandment, should these problems persist and/or result in harassment of KRU representatives/the immortal family/any justice official.