Board :Law
Author :Justicar
Subject :Reporting Crimes
Date :6/3
*Please make sure you read and understand the following information*

--Posting on Justice. When posting on the Justice board you -must- include all details of the crime you are reporting. Any information you feel would help in resolving your case should be added to your Justice Board post. The more information you post, the quicker the judges can begin handling your case. Please indicate on your post whether or not you have screenshots of the crime. These may be asked for by the judge handling your case. If you fail to mention that you have screenshots your case may be dropped and will not be re-opened if your original post is no longer on the Justice board.

--Harassment/Sexual Harassment/Cursing. These cases will be handled ONLY if the victim has screenshots of the incident. If you do not have screenshot proof of the crime the case will be dropped. No questions asked. ((To take a screenshot press the 'Scroll Lock' key on your keyboard.))

*NOTE* Altering or modifying screenshots in ANY way is a banishable offence. Screenshots must be sent to judges as-is upon request.

--Item theft. Players are responsible for their own items. Do not drop/hand/throw/exchange items unless you are willing to give up ownership of them. Theft is -impossible- if a player takes care of their own items. Justice does not have time to track down items loss due to carelessness. If a player has a screenshot of a criminal admitting to theft they should post on Justice and the case will be handled.

*NOTE* To avoid having people steal your drops, only kill things that are close to you. Do not kill an animal on the other side of the room/screen and expect these items to be left on the ground until you get to them. Also do not drop piles of items on the ground to exchange them to another of your characters. These items will become public property once you have dropped them and it will NOT be considered theft if someone takes them. Use common sense and you should be fine.

If you exchange/hand/drop/throw an item you give up ownership rights of that item. This INCLUDES death piles - Only hunt in groups with people you trust or, if you are alone, in caves where you are not likely to die.

--Kill/Boss theft. Because it is almost impossible to proove who had 'rights' to a creature these cases will not be handled unless there is an admission of guilt. If you are 'camping' for a boss make sure you move around the room frequently so that any new group to the room knows someone is waiting for the boss. Do not sit in a far corner of a room and expect people to look for -you- before attacking a boss. Campers rights apply to ONE boss only. Once you have killed a boss you must give up campers rights to the next group/player to enter the room.

--Murder/Attempted murder. Cases will only be handled with screenshot proof and/or admission of guilt.

--Other cases will be handled by judges at their discretion. If they feel there is no way to prove guilt, or that the fault lies with the victim the cases will be droppped.