Board :Law
Author :Maiyu
Subject :Sage Law (KRU)
Date :1/28
Sage removal - Warning

While KRU respects the opinions of its patrons, there are instances where players feel they have the right to insult and disrespect the GM and game extensions (Item shop) over Sage broadcasts. This is no longer tolerated.

While this warning does not affect the majority, a notice is being made public so that all patrons are equally aware of the consequences of broadcasting disrespectful remarks about KRU employees and game extensions.

Sage broadcasting was never intended to be an outlet for in-game complaints. There are specific channels you can voice your concerns: letter(s) to an archon or archon primogen/primarch.

First offense - 1 week removal of sage
Second offense - 2 weeks removal of sage
Third offense - 1 month removal of sage
Fourth offense - permanent removal of sage

N.B. Restoration of "Sage" will NOT be automatic. An offender must submit a ticket into Nexus Support with an apology to KRU within a month's time otherwise the patron forfeits their sage spell.