Board :Law
Author :Maiyu
Subject :The Immortal Family
Date :2/16
<b>The Immortal Family

The Immortals are persons that help maintain a fun, respectful game-play environment for the patrons of KRU Interactive's NexusTK.  When seen in public, they are clad in orange and wear an Archon or Pawn head piece (evident in their status box).  A complete list of names of current archons is found on the Guide board.

While Immortals tend to be helpful, they are forbidden to do the following in general settings:

* Hand items to a player
* Resurrect a player from death (1)
* Help kill, block, and/or slow down a monster
* Strengthen a player to destroy a monster
* Provide knowledge for solution(s) of a quest
* Give items (except in their hosted event)

(1) Players will not be resurrected for general purposes (e.g. alliances), but may be resurrected if found a) abusing a bug; b) in an archon-involved event setting.

Edited: Maiyu (Hyul 14)