Board :Law
Author :Maiyu
Subject :CoTW Guidelines
Date :2/17

In exchange of having the ability to engage in context via the Chronicles of the Winds, I ask that you abide by the following guidelines to avoid punishable consequences.  Read and review these guidelines prior to tacking on your note.  Think before you act and scribe.

Thank you.
<b>You may share:

*Stories based on a Nexus-realm theme (annecdotes, autobiographies or legends)
*Poems based on a Nexus-realm theme (similar to legends/human tales/mythic creatures)
*Reports on Nexus-realm Events (ie: transcript of Prirates coming to invade Koguryo)
*Historical Nexus Events (ie: The life and death of Sagu, the arrival InSu).  Sharing your knowledge of the past will benefit younger members of the community that may not have been present during past Events).

<b>You may not share (without any exceptions):

*Posts that are "Out Of Character" and inappropriately unrelated to the Nexus-realm theme. (( OOC material include Real Life/Current Life situations/objects. ))
*Multiple posts (spam)
*One line posts
*Posts that contain no relevant information on the topic being discussed; ignorance (ie: Did you say something?)
*Insulting posts
*Posts that belong on other boards ((ie. bug reports, game suggestions))

All Archons of the Immortal family reserve the right to remove all posts that fall into the "You may not share" category.  <b>If you fail to abide by these guidelines you will be warned <b>and possibly jailed, which will deduce your karma and stamp <b>a negative branding on your Legend.