Board :Law
Author :Maiyu
Subject :Arena Law
Date :2/18
<b>Arena Law

Player versus Player killing (PK or PvP for short) is a battle-type feature enabled in some areas of NexusTK.  Players who enter such areas should expect to be attacked and slain by other patrons.  No crime has been committed against you if you are slain in a PK area.

These areas include but are not limited to:

* Arenas
* Tutor halls
* Carnage
* Player killing areas during event

Death in these areas does not affect the durability of your weapons and armor, nor does it affect experience and break-on-death items.

N.B. Following a person from one arena to another arena to kill them is considered harassment, and can result in jail time, branding, and karma loss.

Victims should take multiple screenshots of verbal commands asking the offender to stop while in the areas the unfortunate event transpires.

Bare in mind that false screenshots and false claims can result in your own jail time for dishonesty (see False Report Law).

Maiyu (Hyul 14)